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Tel : 031-577-0954
Cell : 082-555-3732
Email : webdev@homeriches.com

To design the actual Website I will need you to provide me with:-

A copy of your Logo if you have one.
Your preferred colour scheme if it differs from the colours in your Logo.
A short write up of what it is that you want the website to promote.
What each page of the website will be called. E.g. “Home”, “About Us”, “Products”, “Services”, “Contact Us”.
Any other text or pictures that you want to be included.
If applicable, a list of any sites that you would like us to use as a reference with regards to colours or layout, in order to design your site.

From the above information I design a layout and send you some draft ideas of what I think the ‘Look and Feel” of your site would be. I usually provide at least two alternative ideas. You accept or reject these ideas. If you reject them, I will come up with new ideas based on your objections. If you accept one of them in principle but would like some changes you advise me and I make the changes and send it back to you. This process is repeated until you are 100% satisfied with how your site will look.

The above process is very important, as you need to be sure that the “Look and Feel” of your site is how you want your business/service presented.. A Financial Services site for instance needs to portray a dignified, conservative look, while an After School/Crèche may need to have a more fun, playful look about it.

Once you’re happy with the design it will be used as the basis for the pages of your website. Using the information you have supplied I now start coding your site and either upload it to your hosting site or upload it to one of my test sites, so that you can look at it as if it were live on the internet. As each page is completed you will be able to monitor the progress and advise us if there are any changes you would like. This keeps you involved in the development process.

Only when you are completely satisfied with the site do you need to pay me for the design work.

Should you have any questions or require clarification on any of the points above please contact me as I am more than happy to discuss them with you.

If you are interested then click here to CONTACT me